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Case Studies and Recent Success Stories

Patient 1:
This patient is a 36 year old female. I had been treating her on and off for about one year for chronic migraines which have been mostly alleviated with acupuncture. She has been trying to conceive for more 3 years and has had 3 unsuccessful IVF procedures. For her most recent attempt with a frozen embryo transfer she came to me for the pre and post transfer acupuncture protocol without any long term treatment for fertility. This resulted in a successful conception. The patient is now 8 weeks pregnant and is continuing treatment to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy and a health baby and mother.


Patient 2:
This patient is a 33 year old female who came for treatment after several unsuccessful IUI attempts. She had one IVF procedure last year which resulted in pregnancy but ended in a miscarriage. I treated her for 3 months to balance her hormones and prepare her uterus for another IVF procedure. We also did the pre and post transfer acupuncture protocol and this resulted in conception. This patient is now 17 weeks pregnant has been continuing treatment to avoid another miscarriage.


Patient 3:
This patient is a 28 year old female who was treated in 2000 for various orthopedic complaints. She presented this time at 13 weeks pregnant. She was suffering from severe morning sickness with nausea and vomiting and aversion to almost any food. She was unable to hold anything down. She was treated with acupuncture on 4 consecutive days and 2 more days the following week. The only herbs I prescribed were curing pills which she used as needed and with meals to aid digestion. She began to feel relief gradually after the 2nd visit and after 6 visits the morning sickness was gone.


Patient 4:
This patient was a 6 weeks pregnant, 33 year old female who came for treatment of morning sickness.  Her nausea was constant and severe 24 hours a day.  She could hold down very little food and was subsisting almost entirely on saltine crackers.  She was treated 2-3 times per week for about 4 weeks.  After each treatment her nausea was alleviated immediately and she was able to eat almost anything she wanted for 2 days.  Then the nausea would return but with less severity.  By continuing treatment we were able to manage her nausea so she could eat and sleep.  The morning sickness gradually reduced overall and after 4 weeks the nausea was gone. 


Patient 5:
This patient is a 33 year old female who first presented in 2003 with infertility due to anovulation and amenorrhea (no ovulation or period).  Using acupuncture and herbs we were able to restore her period within one month but she was still not ovulating.  After several months she discontinued treatment, went to her fertility doctor and began taking Clomid to stimulate ovulation.  This was successful but after many months of taking medicines and undergoing 2 IUI procedures she was still unable to get pregnant, so she came back to acupuncture and combined it with the western fertility procedures.  After 2 months of acupuncture treatment she had another IUI procedure and this time it was successful.  She is now the proud mommy of 3month old triplets. 


Patient 6:
This patient is a 33 year old female who had been trying to get pregnant for over 2 years without success.  Her medical doctors ran every imaginable test and could find nothing wrong with her.  Uncomfortable with taking strong drugs, she decided to wait before attempting any western fertility procedures and she came to me for TCM treatment, which is safer and less invasive.  After 3 months of acupuncture treatment she became pregnant.  Unfortunately, at the 6 week mark, she lost the pregnancy.  Undaunted, we carried on with her treatments and in 2 more months she became pregnant again.  40 weeks later she gave birth to a healthy baby girl.


Patient 7:
This patient is a 26 year old woman who came to me at full term and 6 days overdue.  She had been having only mild contractions and was only slightly dilated.  This hadn’t changed in over a week.  She came to me to stimulate labor.  I treated her with electro-acupuncture and about 3 hours later she went into labor.  Several hours later she gave birth to a 9 pound baby girl.


acupuncture palm springs - infertility
acupuncture palm springs - infertility
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